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Custom V.H. Blackinton Badges | Law Enforcement, Fire & Private Sector

Artistic Engraving specializes in the customization of V.H. Blackinton® badges for police, fire, security, military, and government agencies.  

NW Indiana Task Force IMG 9362 1V.H. Blackinton® is a privately held company, and is the largest manufacturer of police badges, fire badges, security badges, military, government and private Sector badges, as well as uniform insignia within the United States.  V.H. Blackinton combines old world craftsmanship with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to produce the industry’s finest quality badges. Blackinton Badges are American-made. The brand is inspired by over 165 years of expert craftsmanship and insight gained serving the nation’s leading Law Enforcement, Security, Military, Federal, and Fire Safety departments at the local, municipal, state and county levels.  

We offer endless custom options that will help you achieve the design you desire.

We offer the levels of of customization for Law Enforcement, Fire and Private-Sector Badges:
​Catalog Badges: The least expensive option offers a selection of catalog badges (a badge design that already exists and is sold to the masses). You can personalize this badge with a custom center seal. Badge orders which include 25 badges or more, include the the seal die at no additional cost.
Semi-custom badges are mid-tier badges as it would utilize existing dies.  Customers could have one custom applied panel created (die would cost ~$150.00 waived if more than 50 badges are ordered.
Unique custom shape and design: would require a new steel die which has a one-time cost between $900.00 - $3,000.00

Artistic Engraving is owned and operated by retired a Chicago Police Department Officer and his family.  Coming from a law enforcement background, our company and family both strive to provide the best badges to be worn proudly by our first responders and by those who serve the general public.